Al Farman has made a choice of investing into joint venture with the following multinational companies. Al Farman has forged strategic partnerships with leading global companies, to provide management, communications, finance, and other expertise to the citizen sector. In turn, Ashoka and its vast network share knowledge and opportunities with business partners, expanding the horizons of these pioneering businesses and the people who work for them.

Together, our strategic partners support Al Farman’s social entrepreneurs in tens of countries, delivering millions of dollars of consulting services each year. But the partnerships’ true value is in enabling the flow of talent and resources between business and citizen sectors, accelerating innovation so that both sectors can solve their most pressing problems.


Deliopolis LLC was established in May 2008 under Qatar law. The company is a joint venture between the Al Faisal Holding of Qatar and Swiss based maritime Management GmbH. Core Business is Supply chain management – procurement of food and beverage products with integrated supply and demand management (full service scm, introduction of new products, transport logistics, customs processing, storage and distribution).

Human Resources – the company intends to maintain a pool of trained staff for hotels, restaurants and caterers. Catering - prime focus in catering are educational institutions, office buildings, hotel apartments and compounds, as well as hospitals and employees of hotel companies. Food production on site and delivery.




Frinjs Steel Structure Qatar industrial steel structure factories in Shahniya and Messaid which can provide all kind of steel structure. Frijns Steel Construction: production, conservation, assembly and maintenance of heavy structural steel for the (process) industry.